Once in a while, you are struck by an idea,

An idea that could give you wings, can make you relive moment of achievements.

A ray of hope, for striving hard to achieve it.

Something for which you get passionate for.

And….. in those bubbles above head,
you imagine being appreciated for the same idea. 


Pricking the bubble, you firmly decide working on your passion.

The very next moment you browse the net,
wondering as to what would lead to your idea.

But, woahhhh….. 🙄

Amidst all the theories, there you see completely adorned with all the minute details,


By :- Nikita


Posted: November 18, 2013 in Uncategorized


Something needs to be told
needs to be guided needs to be nourished
because i am still a child.
Those little happiness and big problems
need to be shared, need some guidance
need some advice because i don’t wish to grow up.
Wanna hold your hand with my little finger
walk with you miles, wish to talk a lot with no hesitation
because i wanna feel that innocence again.
This grown up kinda feeling brings so many responsibilities
so many decision to be taken on our own
so many people to adjust with.
Why can’t everything be as easy as it was,                                               being an innocent child


The one who writes pours her heart out.
There is purity in each line
no lies, no  secrets.
Each line says something
which isn’t easy to decipher.
Each word has some meaning and each time
that they write about has its own  significance.
I love to write about myself, my views, my people.
There is nothing and no one
who can mould my views when i  write.
There is not always a reason to write
but just an urge.
This urge may be out of frustration
or a simple reason for my smile.
It’s sometimes to feel something again,
a special moment
or to avoid the thought of something forever.


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Sitting idle in an empty room

surrounded by immortals,

thoughts in my mind but lump in my throat

unable to express myself to anyone.

There is no one here to hear me screeching,
wanting them to come near me.

I made loneliness my companion,

the day i declined to be a part of this selfish world.

The world that provokes me to lose myself,

to be as they want.

But I prefer being alone than to prove my existence in this filthy world.

Somehow i am just trying to survive,

keeping in mind the pictures of those who will always be mine.

They never insist me to mould my thoughts,

they are a part of my self-made world.

Trust and understanding are the only things that strengthens our bond.

Their support makes me realize that



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